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You can be the Boss!

Once you have a great packaging design, you need us to provide a all-round business channel to achieve success 🤝✨

⭕️ no marketing strategy? We can help
⭕️ no factory for manufacturing? We can help
⭕️ do not own a brand? We can help
⭕️ do not know much about marketing? We can help

If you want to start a business, our Business Consultant can help!❗️ We are a Malaysia based company yet we have made a lot of well known international brand and designs which you can find them out in China, Southeast Asia, United State, Japan, Europe Countries.
*We have an experienced team💯*

🛡️ We have expert professional designers and advance digital & computer equipments❕

🛡️ We have Experienced Marketing Consultants to provide marketing strategy for you❕

📌 Packaging Design 🏷️RM2,800
📌 Logo Design 🏷️RM1,200
📌 Company Profile Design🏷️RM6,800+
📌 Branding Design 🏷️RM16,800
📌 Full set solutions of Franchise Stores 🏷️RM36,800
【No hiden fees】