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Hanex International Group was established in 1996, based in Malaysia, Ipoh. We're expert in Branding Strategy, Advertising Design, Marketing, Food Manufacturing and Import & Export. We help to complete the perfect image of a brand, marketing strategy, international market export solutions, giving you innovating designs and exhibition marketing resource integration to build up your brand.

  • We are not only a Designer, but also a Marketing Expert
    We are the first-hand supply channel platform for the upstream and downstream products of Malaysia and China cooperation, providing one-stop service for brand new franchise stores.

    ⭐ 23 years of marketing experiences
    ⭐ 13 years experiences of organizing exhibition tour
    ⭐ Resource integration international market development
    ⭐ Import & export company in Malaysia & China
    ⭐ Gathered the resources of thousands of enterprises from all major associations in China
    ⭐ Coaching more than 600 companies to begin the international market

    Hanex’s Platforms in Malaysia
    👥 ACBAMIC Interaction Banquet

    Hanex’s Platforms in China
    👥 All-China Bakery Association
    👥 China Chain Store & Franchise Association
    👥 All-China Federation Industry and Commerce
    👥 China Hotel Association
    👥 China High-End Food & Beverage Association

    We provide professional and comprehensive business channels
    ✔️ Import Agent
    ✔️ Hyper Market
    ✔️ Convenience Store
    ✔️ Online Store
    ✔️ Wholesale… etc

  • Branding Design Strategy

    International Exhibition Assist

    One Stop Import & Export Services