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Start your international business with 0 expenses, join the Malaysia most professional exhibition group now!

✅Want to start a business but do not own a factory
✅Do you have your own product?
✅Wanted to have OEM Brand?
✅Want to boost sales?
✅Want to sell one cabinet?

❌Afraid of spending countless money?
❌Afraid of no experience & professional advise?
❌Afraid of wasting time with no performance in the exhibition?
❌Do not know where to find reliable exhibition group?
❌Afraid of accommodation and transportation
❌Afraid of tedious work before and after the exhibition?
❌Afraid of cumbersome baggage to bring over?
❌Afraid of all the tedious documents and procedures?

HANEX 浩瀚国际展团

13 years experience of organizing international exhibition tour
Peace of mind. You can have a joyful trip and we will settle everything for you.

We provide professional and comprehensive business channels

-Import Agent
-Hyper Market
-Convenience Store
-Wholesale… etc

Branding Design + Strategy→
Pre-Booking Exhibition Affairs, Design & Printing, Booth Decor.

-Provide design & printing service
Exhibition needs

Assist exhibitors to connect with international business

-Lead Malaysian exhibitors to participate in International Food Exhibitions,Promote partnership

One-Stop Import and Export Planning

-Product Showcase
Import & Export Customs Clearance

China Exhibition Time List

Start your business with 0 expenses

Lead you to the international market with 0 expenses

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