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👋Dear all, Have you register your trademark?❓️
⚠️Register trademark is very important otherwise you face great risk⚠️

Register mean to 『protecting』🔒️your own brand and preventing others hijack your hard work by using or imitating your trademark.

Lots of owner didn’t realize the value of the trademark when business start growing, however, as their products or services become successful and public awareness to the brand increase, trademark will show its intrinsic value and become an intangible asset.💰️

🔴Benefit of Trademark Registration🔴
👌 Let you own the exclusive right of the trademark and protect the legitimate interests of the enterprise
👌 Establish a trademark image, enhance brand value, and prevent counterfeiting
👌 Increase customer’s confidence in products, enhance the grade and value of your products, and expand sales volume.
👌 Registered trademarks can be transferred while ordinary trademarks cannot
👌 Trademarks are the wealth of an enterprise, registered trademarks can be used as guarantee of mortgage loan.

With the protection of registered trademarks, you can avoid harmful from competing interests, which is more conducive and smooth progress in future development

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